About the project

Claro Que Si (or Yes, of Course! in English) is a text and phone system that informs nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers nation-wide about need-to-know workplace essentials. Workers can call in using any kind of phone at any hour to hear humorous and informative episodes hosted by Clara. You can also subscribe to receive related weekly tips via text message. Coming soon is a special live component, where workers can call in at a specified time to tune in to a real-time discussion among featured guests.


Project Lead (REV-)
Marisa Jahn (Lead Artist, Executive Director)
Anjum Asharia (Program Director)
Marc Shavitz (Video & Editing)
Ursula August (Audio Editing)

Voicing Talents
Anya Krawcheck (Clara, Godfather Lung, Miss Know-It-All)
Chanelle Bell (Melnea Cass, Fashion Shoot extra)
Cameron Russell (as Cameron Russell)
Marisa Jahn (Various)
Stephanie Hafer (Fashion Shoot extra)
MIT students (Bed Bugs partying hard)

MIT Center for Civic Media
Alexandre Goncalves (student)
Christian Landeros (student)
Douglas Sanchez (student)
Sasha Costanza-Chock (Assistant Professor)
Becky Hurwitz
Rodrigo Davies

NuLawLab, at Northeastern University School of Law
Anastasia Butler (student)
Kaitlyn Thomas (student)
Isela Maritza Thomas (student)
Dan Jackson (Executive Director)
Jules Sievert (Content Curator)
Martha Davis (Professor)

Tech (Terravoz)
Leo Burd
Tamer Zoubi
Kester Edmonds

Marisa Jahn
Anjum Asharia
Doug Sanchez (guests on Clara’s show: bedbugs, lungs, evil virus, Burbujitas, Miss Know-It-All)

Brazilian Immigrant Center
Natalicia Tracy (Executive Director)
Lydia Edwards (Director of Legal Services)
Caitlyn Fisher, Sonia Soares, Leopoldina da Corta, Orisania Milli, Angela Serra, Luci Morris, Anneliese Macedo, Tatiana Pinho Reichlin (Worker Members)

The National Domestic Workers Alliance
Many thanks especially to Francesca Contreras.

Support from
Tribeca Film Institute
Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Fund
MIT Open Docs Lab
MIT Council for the Arts
MIT Community Service Fund
MIT Codesign Studio
Funding Exchange